Little Stars

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday from 9:30AM-1:30PM.

We are offering a drop-in pre-school this year for $40/day.  You can register online or over the phone.

Ages 2-6.

Our curriculum includes:

Art - Creative Expression Working With Colors, Shapes, and Textures

Language - Letters and Sounds, Word Recognition, Reading Readiness, and Learning with Music

Science & Sensory - How Things Look, Feel, Sound, and Smell

Math - Counting, Recognizing and Writing Numbers, Learning Phone Number and Address

Fine Motor Skills - Working with Puzzles, Cutting, Tracing, and Printing Letters

Large Motor Skills - Stretching, Jumping, Obstacle Courses, Balance Beam, Bars, Floor, and Trampoline Activities to promote coordination and fitness.





*Please bring a sack lunch for each child.  Morning snack will be provided.
*24hr advance notification recommended as class space is limited.

Prepare Your Child.  Pamper Yourself.