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Ninja Team

A Great Alternative To Traditional Competitive Teams

What is Ninja Team?

The Dana Mannix Ninja Team is a program that aims to train young athletes to conquer Ninja Warrior inspired obstacles and gain new tumbling skills.  Athletes in this class work on building their strength and improving their physical endurance.

What is the commitment level for the Ninja Team?

The Ninja Team is an annual program with the freedom to drop/in out on a monthly basis.  It is best for Ninja Team students to continue all year as they are learning skills and building strength for more difficult courses. However, students do have the ability to take a break if they need to and join back later in the year.  Practices are 1.5 hours long and meet 2x/week.  Students have the option to come to one practice per week or sign up for both.

When does the Ninja Team Compete?

The Ninja Team will have at least 3 in-house Ninja Showdowns per year.  The showdowns are open to  DMGC Ninja Team athletes and not open to other ninja teams at this time.  Ninja Team students are not required to compete in the showdowns and can choose to compete in just one showdown, all of them, or none of them.  The showdowns are a great way to test new skills and show off for family and friends. 

Is there a required uniform?

Yes, a custom practice t-shirt is required for practices and the showdowns. This can be purchased through our pro-shop.


Ninja Showdown

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